Friday, November 28, 2008


This postcard will be travelling 8,833kms to an animal lover in Romania!
This Postcard is about Eva the manatee. affectionately referred to as the mermaids by sailors of the old days, the manatees of today face threats from water pollution and injuries by motor boats. Eva made news in May 2001 when she became the first captive manatee in Asia to give birth. The significant birth attracted much interest from the media and members of the public and this provided us with an opportunity to heighten awareness of the threats that wild manatees face.


9teen87 said...

I love manatees! we had a family of 3 living behind our house when we lived in Miami.

You have done a great job on your blog ;-)

Matthew Koh said...

wow! what a luxury to have manatees living behind your house. Much difficult in Singapore being a "concrete jungle" : )

Thanks for the encourgement!

Will be doing a series of animals from the Singapore zoo, enjoy : )

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