Sunday, November 30, 2008

Zai Zai, the slow Loris

Printed in Singapore
This is a series of 10 postcards that is produced by the Singapore Zoological Gardens & The Night Safari on the animals that they are having in the zoo. The main intent is the awareness of conservation as most of these animals faced the threat of extinction. Credits go to Mr William Nai, Mr Julian W. & Anup Shah for the excellent shots capturing the animals. The first in this series is Zai Zai, the slow Loris. Zai Zai was donated to the zoo by a local family that had kept her illegally as a pet. Then, she was in a bad state of health; today, healthy Zai Zai is a celebrity that has stolen the hearts of many children during the Zoo's "Tame Animal Encounter" sessions. Slow lorises are endemic to Singapore. It is now endangered as a result of urbanisation.


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