Monday, December 8, 2008

The Best Souvenir You Can Get in Your Travels

Ever went on a holiday or a work assignment and wondered what would be a good souvenir to get so as to reflect the culture of that travel destination? For some places, the choices might be more obvious (e.g. the apple strudel in Perth, clogs from Holland or Ginseng from Korea)

Here's a quick tip that can get you a slice of the culture as well as the full favour of the travel location and at the same time bring a smile to the love one that you will be buying the souvenir for. In my travels, I will
always make sure that I purchase lots of postcards. Yes, you heard it right, the humble postcards is my recommendation for the perfect souvenir, here's why:

1. Most of the postcards present photos that are excellently taken by professional photographers. Most of them taken at different times of the day presenting a different view and perspective of that travel location. Well, you can try with your point and shoot camera but the chances of you getting the same effect would be quite a challenge.

2. Most postcards present an explanation of the photo taken. This thus helps to explain the culture and the reason behind the photo taken. No memory work required here. Well, if you collect postcards like I do, they do give you good memories and at the same time, connect you back to the destination with the descriptions.

3. Send a postcard to your love ones while overseas, write about the postcard and why you chose that postcard. Hard to explain, but there is a warmth whenever you receive such a postcard. Take it one step further, write one to yourself too!

Postcard "Cafe-Konditorei Diglas from Wien, Austria


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