Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Singapore Flyer (SG-13419)

This postcard is travelling 10,220 kms to Germany!

This postcard is a picture taken of The Singapore Flyer, the latest addition to the attractions in Singapore. Offering a great view of the F1 Grand Prix held in Singapore during end Sept 08, it also offers a good view of the Singapore skyline and eventually the Integrated Resorts; to be completed in 2010.

ekohs visited the Singapore Flyer in Oct 08. We have attached some photos and a video clip of our "flight" in the flyer. It was a night flight and it was really gorgeous to see the Integrated Resorts & casino in the midst of construction buried in a sea of lights.

You can also see the business district also commonly seen in postcards showing the famous skyline of Singapore. Although, recently the Singapore Flyer was closed due to some investigations to the emergency procedures, it was reopened with much welcome from the public. Immediately after the reopening, you can again see the once familiar crowd that used to accompany the flight "Cubicles".

While you are there, take the opportunity to visit one of the many restaurants that is located within the Singapore Flyer building. Many of them offer great food at reasonable prices (be sure to check the promos for better rates!) and most important of all, some have a good view of the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. After dinner, you can take a casual stroll along the outside of the Singapore Flyer complex that has a walkway linking to the pit stop areas of the Singapore Grand Prix 08. The tyre marks of the F1 cars are still evident on the track. One thing for sure, the tyre tracks of Ferrari's car can still be clearly seen on the first pit stop : ) Like they say, "smell the rubber!"

If you're visiting Singapore, don't miss out this one : ) Here's a link to the 9 great reasons to visit the Singapore Flyer!


SMS Penang said...

Nice night view postcard. May be we can private swap. I am from Malaysia.

Quick question. Does Singapore has aerogramme. I am trying to get one too.

My blog: http://smspostcard.blogspot.com/

Cheers from Penang, SL

Matthew Koh said...

Sure mate! Do you have any cards on the sepang race tracks or the petronas towers for e swap?

Not too sure about aerogramme, can check the next time I get to post office.

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